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Simyo is a brand for various mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in Europe. In the Netherlands, it is owned by KPN. In Spain, it is owned by Orange España.

An angry client writes this on Trustpilot "Unfortunately had a very bad luck with Simyo. Bought a sim card about a month ago in Spain (32GB data plan). They also added 15GB of a "Christmas gift" and I was very happy about that of course. During next couple of weeks I have consumed about 10GB of data and went to France. As soon as I crossed the border my Simyo connection was disabled. I mean NO connection at all (not even voice). I've contacted their "support" team (of course - zero english knowledge there and also proud of it) and got a stupidest reply you can ever imagine - "your roaming is disabled because you haven't consumed enough data in Spain") I asked - how much is "enough" then? They replied - "we don't know"... Anyway - my guess is that those 15GB gift just doesn't count, but is it my problem really??? They also refused to look in my case closer and adjust something manually and just ignored all my further explanations. All I've heard was "we don't know, we don't care, it's automatically". So SIMYO basically just lie about their roaming possibilities when you buy a data plan from them (just look at their roaming conditions declared everywhere - everything will be Ok and good there). But in reality - I was out of connection and it was a huge issue for me by that time. And what matters here most - SIMYO don't care about their customers. Especially when they got your money already)".


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Chris says

"Bad service. I had a bug in the app, so I could not change my bundle. I contacted them about this on 21 June. They dit not know what the issue was and I was unable to change my bundle until 10 juli. But, the bundle is active from the next month, and I needed the bundle Upgrade in juli already. So basically I was stuck. When I asked about this they could not help me. They also constantly give wrong answers, like: ‘you should have upgraded sooner’. When I say then I tried already in June, they ignore that fact. I contacted them a few times about it.. but nothing helped. Update: I send my contact info to the email as described in their reply underneath here. But they never responded."

Faisal Acha says

"I had a really bad horrible experience with the mobile data and when am using hotspots to connect from my phone to my iptv box. I used a different products before and it’s was working perfectly. I bought a simyo SIM card with 40 GB and extra bonus 30GB SO WAS TOTAL 70 GB cost me 30€ But one I get home trying to connected with Itv box using hotspot I find out it’s not working and no good signal At all it’s a SIM card only for what’sapp or emails no more no less I do apologies from my previous internet provider when I think to use A mother one"

Ruben says

"I have been using simyo for 4 years now, I appreciate te "low cost" prepaid service but I feel that I have to say something about one of my discoveries about them. So you see, Simyo provides internet bundle packs, 5€, 10€, etc. for a certain amount of mb internet data. Now you can use your own prepaid credit for this bundle. Here comes my big issue: let's say you have 1€ left of credit and have purchased a 10€ internet bundle yeah? Well once you reach the 0€ credit mark you HAVE to buy new credit to be able to use the internet bundle. So basically the service YOU HAVE PAID FOR isn't available anymore so it becomes thrown away money (it expires) as I don't want to recharge credit every damn week. This happened to me on multiple occasions. At first I thought it was a bug, but then after having called the customer service this person (after having "researched" my issue for 10min) told me that this is perfectly normal and that simyo forces you to pay extra credit so that you can re-use your data bundle service. After that I received the following statement: "If you don't like it you can always go to another provider". I don't know what your business model is but for me this is a scam, I have paid for a internet service (which has a timer btw) that isn't available unless you pay more. Well sorry but this is the worst."

Mario Illig says

"used them a couple of years ago and they seemed like a decent company, tried it again now in 2020 and they made their way to the worst of the absolutely worst. i couldnt access the app, called customer support, they told me to write an email requesting to change my assigned email address as they cant handle anything outside of Gmail-addresses (1st dafuq). i wrote the email, no reply after a week, i wrote the same email again, still no reply and no one changed the email assigned to my account (2nd dafuq). i called again - they hang up as soon as it gets too complicated (3rd dafuq). i called again a couple of days later - they hung up again (4th dafuq). Now here I am with a simyo sim card that i cant top up cause you hired incapable id**ts in seemingly every position of your company. i don't know what exactly went wrong with you guys, but it's absolutely absurd that you're still on the market."

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